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Snorkelling is a great way to see what's going on under the waves.

You need very basic equipment - essentially fins, mask and snorkel - so you haven't got to worry about scuba gear.

In UK waters, you might find it more comfortable wearing a wet suit.

You are more agile underwater with snorkelling gear than in full dive kit and you can see almost as much.

However if you want to enjoy snorkelling and avoid danger, it's a good idea to learn how to do it properly.

The British Sub Aqua Club teaches snorkelling and you can learn how at our Club.

You can start learning to snorkel once you're a proficient swimmer. We train youngsters from 8 onwards.

Experienced swimmers usually find that their confidence underwater is increased once they have learned to snorkel.

Our Basic Snorkel Diver training course teaches you to be competent in the safe and correct use of mask, fins and snorkel for surface and brief breath-hold dives in warm waters.

Snokelling in Swanage