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Sub-Aqua Club

Dive Leader

Our BSAC Dive Leader course is for Sports (or other agency equivalent) divers wishing to take their skills further. This course concentrates on the responsibilities and safety aspects of leading other divers on an open water dive.

Practical lessons in rescue management and rescue skills give participants the confidence and ability to deal with those unforeseen emergencies.

Leading a dive will develop your enjoyment, confidence and experience as a diver.

Rescue management exercise

As a qualified Dive Leader, you will be able to organise dive trips to known locations, plan dives, breathing gas and decompression requirements.

Under the supervision of a Dive Manager, you will be able to dive with divers of any grade to expand their experience.

Initially, a newly qualified Dive Leader can dive to depth of 35m, but accompanied by suitably qualified buddy, this can be extended progressively to a maximum of 50m.

Happy scuba diving