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Sub-Aqua Club

Our BSAC qualified instructors offer scuba training to all levels from beginner (Ocean) to Dive Leader

Many people start by having a try dive, this will give you a taster of both snorkelling and scuba diving in the safety of our heated swimming pool

We can also teach you to snorkel.

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Ocean Diver

Ocean Diver is the introductory BSAC diving grade.

On completion of this course you will be qualified to dive with a buddy of Sports Diver grade or above to a maximum depth of 20m.

Exercises in the swimming pool

Sports Diver

The BSAC Sports Diver course allows the Ocean (or other agency equivalent) diver to improve their open water diving skills.

A qualified Sports Diver can initially only dive to a depth of 20m, however this depth can be increased by a series of progressively deeper dives when accompanied by a qualified instructor, to a maximum depth of 35m.

Sports diver pool training

Dive Leader

Our BSAC Dive Leader course is for Sports (or other agency equivalent) Divers wishing to take their skills further. This course concentrates on the responsibilities and safety aspects of leading other divers on an open water dive.

Rescue management exercise


The BSAC provides a wide range of Skill Development Courses for divers at varying levels of proficiency. These courses aim to expand the range of activities open to divers, to introduce them to new subjects and to guide them to higher levels of competence in specialist areas.

Life Saving Course


Our price list is here.

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We also welcome divers who have trained with other agencies such as PADI, SSA, SSAC, SSI or TDI. We offer crossover courses to the equivalent BSAC qualification.

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