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Ocean Diver Training

Ocean diver kitting up under the supervision of an instructor
Standing depth exercises
Ocean diver being briefed on rescue skills
Underwater training in the pool

Ocean Diver is the introductory BSAC diving grade. You will be trained by our Club instructors who are nationally trained by BSAC.

You will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge at your own pace during the Wednesday evening pool sessions and theory lessons that are arranged for weekday evenings or weekends.

The Club provides full SCUBA equipment so you don't need to buy your own gear at this stage. Though the club has a range of "Semi-dry" wet suits, we cannot guarantee we have one that will fit, they can be rented at reasonable rates from the dive site.

Once you have completed the pool sessions and the theory assessment there are five open water lessons. Generally we do the open water lessons at an inland site called Stoney Cove in Leicestershire. It provides a suitable environment for your first experience of diving.

On completion of this course you will be qualified to dive with a buddy of Sports Diver grade or above to a maximum depth of 20m.