Aylesbury Green Park
Sub-Aqua Club

Try dives for youth, community and corporate organisations.

We can offer a fun try dive experience for your group (minimum 8 persons) as an introduction to diving or simply as an evening adventure.

All activities are undertaken with qualified instructors (all DBS certified) and costs include all equipment and full insurance cover.

For further information contact info@aylesburydivers.org.uk

Try diving

Aylesbury Green Park Sub Aqua Club is a friendly and long-established dive club in the heart of Buckinghamshire.

Our membership covers Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire.

Aylesbury Green Park Sub Aqua Club (AGPSAC) is affiliated to the British SubAqua Club (BSAC).

BSAC is the governing body for SCUBA diving and snorkelling in the UK, and is the largest scuba diving club in the world. BSAC qualifications are recognised worldwide.

Happy scuba diving

Our BSAC qualified instructors offer scuba training to all levels from beginner (Ocean) to Dive Leader and we also welcome divers who have trained with other agencies such as PADI, SSA, SSAC, SSI or TDI.

We also run skills development courses.

We can also teach you to snorkel.

You can never see enough Clown Fish

As a club we do more than just training, we run a wide variety of scuba diving trips, to the coast in the UK and beyond (Egypt, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Iceland, Malta and the Maldives to name but a few).

Members of the club have also dived in a number of exotic locations such as Tahiti, the Philippines, Mexico, Komodo, the Great Barrier Reef and Turkey.

Being a member of a dive club means not having to search out a suitable buddy at the dive site, and having a range of buddies whose skills, interests and training are a known quantity.

Night dive - Gran Canaria

During term times we undertake our sheltered water training at the Green Park Training and Conference Centre in Aston Clinton near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Most months we have at least one training trip to an inland site for training, practice or just to get wet.

So, if you are an experienced SCUBA diver (trained by PADI, SSA, SSAC, SSI or TDI) or you have only seen SCUBA diving on the television, you can send us an email for more information or to arrange a Try Dive.

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