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Sub-Aqua Club

Inland diving

Inland diving sites have much to offer the recreational diver.

They can provide a sheltered environment to learn new and more challenging skills and are less prone to the effects of bad weather, so are less likely to be 'blown out'.

Stoney Cove in the sunshine

Diving in the UK

The UK has some of the best diving in the world. A long maritime history together with a very complicated coast provide a number of diving opportunities. Whether you want to visit historic wrecks or see the varieties of flora and fauna, the UK has a lot to offer.

The club organises a number of trips to various locations around the UK throughout the year.

Seal awaiting divers

Diving Abroad

BSAC qualifications are recognised around the world, in fact there are a number of BSAC registered clubs and organisations at the most popular dive sites.

The club normally organises one foreign trip a year (in 2019 we have a party going to Malta)

Club members often visit exotic locations on their holidays and take the opportunity to dive, such as Australia, Turkey, Tahiti, Menorca, Spain, Tenerife, Mexico and the Philipines.

Red Sea Liveaboard