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Swanage May 2016 - by Lorraine

Swanage Pier
Cuttlefish under Swanage Pier
Pipe fish under Swanage Pier

As I still feel like a novice diver, any dive not in a quarry is still an adventure including Swanage pier.

After an early start we arrived and managed to park on the pier which is always a big plus. The tide was going out quickly and under Swanage pier is not the deepest at the best of times.

All kitted up we had to walk about 20 meters before we were able to put our heads under water, fighting our way through seaweed we eventually managed to dive to about 3 meters. Not very deep I know, but still worth it, the life under the pier is always so abundant and never lets you down. Spider crabs, cuttlefish, pipe fish well as the colourful seaweed. A very enjoyable, relaxing 40 minute dive.

The afternoon proved to be just as enjoyable, a very short boat ride to the Fleur de Lys in Swanage Bay, hardly time to get kitted up, straight down a shot line to a very broken up wreck, but the visibility was good and there was lots of life, the real treat of the day was seeing a thornback ray, which just posed for us on the sea bed, unfortunately not a camera between us.

Next time, I am going on a mission to find the elusive seahorses.