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Stoney Cove: The Grand Tour - June 2016

On the 14th June 2016, we went to Stoney Cove for a weekday dive.

Stoney Cove is a very famous dive site, and most divers trained in the UK have probably dived there.

The visibility can be a bit limited, especially when there are a lot of divers. On the Tuesday there were not many divers, and the visibility was surprisingly good, especially for June.

The following video is a bit long, but does show a contiguous dive from the drop off to the White Van via the Coach, the Stanegarth, the Defiant, the Belinda, the FV432 APC, the Wessex and finally the White Van.

In most cases the next object to be visited can be seen (the chain to the Stanegarth is just visible from the coach). This opportunity was not to be missed and viewing the video may assist in navigation (pilotage) when the visibility is not so great.

So, make a cup of your beverage of choice, relax and enjoy!

The video is hosted on YouTube.