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Practical Rescue Management (PRM)

Improvised splint for a lucky volunteer at AGPSAC's PRM day at Vobster December 2012
Three students and a volunteer take part in a simulated incident, while an instructor observes
While one student manages the 'incident'. two students deal with a simulated casualty, while an instructor observes

This course is aimed at Sports Divers who are looking to extend their rescue skills. The course teaches you to organise a rescue using the skills of those around you and the equipment at hand.

The course takes one day and consists of three lectures and a practical element. In the lectures we reprise the rescue skills learned during earlier training but with the emphasis on managing incidents and then go on to look at how to get professional help both on land and at sea.

After a quick look through the various ways to manage a helicopter rescue, in the worst case, we then move on to the practical side of the course.

Each student is asked to manage an incident using their fellow students, volunteer helpers, instructors and 'members of the public' to help. No-one is asked to do anything beyond their current training or skill level so the main challenge is in assessing the situation and then delegating tasks among those around you.

Scenarios may invove traumatic injuries, diving-specific problems or... well, that would be telling, wouldn't it?

There is one last lecture which deals with how to manage with the very worst case, a fatality. Diving has a very good safety record so we try not to dwell on the "doom and gloom" aspect, but sadly just occasionally the worst may happen.

Finally, we all get together for a de-brief and to look at how the scenarions were managed and to see if we could have done anything better. This course is hard work but good fun - and accounts for three lectures and one practical towards your Dive Leader qualification.