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Dead Man's Fingers

Plymouth 25 - 26 June 2011

On a windy, rainy Friday afternoon in late June a rabble of divers from the club headed down to Plymouth for a weekend away organised by Terry S. When I arrived at the pub, err, I mean hotel we were staying in, the furniture had already been re-arranged to accommodate us and it was time to start sampling the beers, unsure what the weather had in store for us the next day.


The next morning it had cleared somewhat and was looking calm in the harbour but on the hilltop above the flag was telling another story of Poseidon’s work the night before.

A hearty breakfast was eaten before heading out on the boat towards the SS Persier. The less is said about the journey the better. Once we had arrived at the dive site and given the size of the swell, it was decided that we would have to change the plan and go somewhere calmer.

This turned into an enjoyable shallow dive in a bay with spider crabs, anenomes and purple starfish.

In the afternoon we dived the Le Poulmic which is well broken up with smaller fish hiding underneath, and ballan and cuckoo wrasse patrolling above. On getting back on the boat and moving away I noticed that I had dropped my torch though! "Damn, I’ll never see that again" I thought…

The forecast wasn’t great for Sunday so unfortunately one or two of us decided they wouldn't dive but those who did were lucky to find a calm and sunny day’s diving on the always great James Eagan Layne and Scylla of which we had all 400ft of both ships largely to ourselves. It was a shame for those who missed this but, that is the British weather I guess.

Altogether I for one had a really enjoyable weekend made even better when 3/4 weeks later I got a phone call from an unknown number saying “Are you a diver perchance?”... Amazingly my torch had been found working by an kind and honest chap and has now been returned. Result!