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Butter Fish, with no colour correction
Red Fingers
Red Fingers in detail
Spider Crab
Probably cuttle fish eggs
Possible Gorgonian

Pembroke 10 - 12 June 2011

A very grubby puffin on Skomer Island

When the trip was set up, we did not know that the BBC would be filming Springwatch in the area that week.

Mike K, the trip organiser also arranged for a trip to the island of Skomer on the Friday to have a look at the Puffins, Razor bills and other sea birds.

Unlike other sea birds, puffins are extremely polite and will wait for you to get out of the way, rather than throwing a hissy fit and complaining like terns (so no hard hats were required).

The dive trip was arranged with West Wales Dive Company.

Karen met us on the Friday night for a briefing, and then collected us from Martin's Haven on the Saturday morning.

The morning dive was North Wall.

Though we saw some seals on the rocks, it was a bit late in the season, and none of them wanted to come and play.

The wall was teeming with life, including my first sighting of a Butter fish. Unfortunately I had not set the colour correction correctly on the camera, so the picture is rather green.

There were a large number of Red Fingers (Alcyonium glomeratum), a similar species to the more familiar Dead Mans Fingers (Alcyonium digitatum).

There were a large number of spider crabs, we were told that it was the breeding season and they were venturing up from the depths.

We also saw cuttlefish eggs attached to some rope and a sea fan (gorgonian).

The afternoon dive was Rye Rocks. the current was quite strong and a bit unpredictable.

Sunday unfortunately was wet and windy, so we made our way home early.