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Lyn's Big Adventure

In July I travelled to Egypt to join a liveaboard for a week’s SCUBA together with an underwater photography workshop. It is very hot in Egypt at that time of the year nearing 40°C but the cooling sea breezes and excellent air conditioning of the boat made it quite acceptable.

I had some concerns going on my own, but once we settled down we were an easy going group, who all got along well. The trip could not really be described as relaxing, up at about 5.30 each morning, quick cup of tea then straight in for the first dive. I have to say these were my favourite dives of the day.

The sites were quiet and the light quality was fantastic. We soon got into a routine, of diving, reviewing photos, writing up logs, eating and relaxing, then it was time for the next dive. Up to four dives per day including a night dive, which was quite late due to the day light hours.

The sea life in Egypt is wonderful and there was just so much to see, the colours, fish varieties and I spotted a turtle on my last but one dive of the trip, well he spotted me as I was looking at something else and he swam past, just wonderful.

The course was organised by Cameras Underwater in conjunction with Blue O2, they offer help with equipment, set up and editing during the week.

This one week course has improved my photography skills 100%, it has whet my appetite for further photographic expeditions and much more diving.