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Sub-Aqua Club

Discovery Diver Training

BSAC’s Discovery Diver course is now available for trainees aged 12 years and up.

The course consists of 3 pool and 3 theory lessons, before moving to sheltered open water for 2 further lessons.

The trainee will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge at their own pace during the Wednesday evening pool sessions.

The theory lessons can be arranged for weekday evenings or weekends.

Generally we do the open water lessons at an inland site called Stoney Cove in Leicestershire.

It provides a suitable environment for the trainee's first experience of diving.

For this the trainee will need additional thermal protection in the form of a "semi-dry" wet suit. They can be rented at reasonable rates from the dive site.

Once qualified a Discovery Diver has an internationally recognised qualification and may undertake dives to a maximum of 12 metres under appropriate supervision (BSAC Dive Leader and above - or equivalent).

There is subsequently the chance to progress through the BSAC diver grades.

Please contact info@aylesburydivers.org.uk for further information.

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